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Give realistic UI feedback on :active

CSS transitions mean that we can animate practically anything, but that doesn’t mean that we should. Frederico Brigante argues that applying them to :active elements makes the UI feel slow and unresponsive. A click feels instant and the UI should reflect that.

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Responsive misconceptions

Responsive web design has become a familiar part of our industry over the last few years. Like it or loathe it, at least we all know what it means. However, that doesn’t mean that the average non-developer or non-designer knows what it means.

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Future imperfect

I don’t update this site very often. I am easily distracted, I don’t have much time, and inspiration can be hard to find. But the real reason is a lack of confidence. I want to write perfect posts, but instead I write nothing at all. Obviously, this is getting me nowhere.

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Placeholders in form fields are harmful

Katie Sherwin at Nielsen Norman Group has posted a great explanation of why placeholders should never be used as replacements for labels in form fields. Thanks to James Young for sharing the link.

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Windows XP

The death of Windows XP has been a cause of celebration among web developers. At long last, we can create ambitious designs and write lean code for people using modern browsers, right? Not quite.

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WordPress redirect page

Sometimes a page isn’t really a page, it is a container for other pages. This WordPress template automatically redirects to the first child page so any page can be a container without content.

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Writing for the web

Responsive design makes it more important than ever that content is not tied to layout. You cannot control how people will view your site or read your content, so make sure what you write makes sense no matter how people read it.

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WordPress holding page

If you are developing a new WordPress site on a live server, you might want to display a holding page to anyone who isn’t working on the site. You can do this very easily, using a few lines to check whether the current user is logged in.

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Circular CSS

Did you know that you can make any element circular with CSS? Just set the width and height to the same value and set the border radius to something excessively large, such as border-radius: 999em. I just that might be useful.

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Old elements with new meanings

There are lots of new elements in HTML5, but there are also a few old elements with new meanings. In particular, there are several formerly presentational elements that have been redefined to have semantic value.

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