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If at first you don’t succeed, give up

Recursion is a useful programming technique, but it does risk creating an infinite loop. If your code tries doing the same thing again and again, at some point you have to tell it to stop. It should be obvious, but I find it easy to forget.

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Anno Dracula by Kim Newman is a great book, extending Bram Stoker’s world to create something entirely new and thoroughly entertaining. I loved it. It also made me think about how inspiration should work, whether you are writing a novel or designing a website.

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Vertical align anything with just 3 lines of CSS

Here is an excellent tip from Sebastian Ekström on vertical aligning elements with CSS. It even works when you don’t know how tall they are. Thanks to SitePoint Versioning for sharing the link.

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Stay still

On the web, like everywhere else, advertising is a necessary evil. Someone has to pay for stuff and if it’s not you, the chances are it’s a company that wants to sell you something. That’s fine. I accept that. I like to think my intelligent brain filters it all out, but I can’t be sure …

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Give realistic UI feedback on :active

CSS transitions mean that we can animate practically anything, but that doesn’t mean that we should. Frederico Brigante argues that applying them to :active elements makes the UI feel slow and unresponsive. A click feels instant and the UI should reflect that.

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Responsive misconceptions

Responsive web design has become a familiar part of our industry over the last few years. Like it or loathe it, at least we all know what it means. However, that doesn’t mean that the average non-developer or non-designer knows what it means.

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Future imperfect

I don’t update this site very often. I am easily distracted, I don’t have much time, and inspiration can be hard to find. But the real reason is a lack of confidence. I want to write perfect posts, but instead I write nothing at all. Obviously, this is getting me nowhere.

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Placeholders in form fields are harmful

Katie Sherwin at Nielsen Norman Group has posted a great explanation of why placeholders should never be used as replacements for labels in form fields. Thanks to James Young for sharing the link.

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Windows XP

The death of Windows XP has been a cause of celebration among web developers. At long last, we can create ambitious designs and write lean code for people using modern browsers, right? Not quite.

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WordPress redirect page

Sometimes a page isn’t really a page, it is a container for other pages. This WordPress template automatically redirects to the first child page so any page can be a container without content.

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